• Creative Tech

    Bridging interactive design & physical computing through custom electronics, code, and original content | SELECT PROJECTS | * Tributary Audio * Message in a Bottle * Captain America * Ice Bridge * Tagrostics  

  • Web

    Creating community and showcasing content through compelling, intuitive, and unique interfaces   | SELECT PROJECTS | * MoveOn.org * TributaryAudio.com * DoggyCorps.org *DSNYoralHistoryArchive.org

  • Exhibit

    Fostering live, awe-inspiring interactions through immersive, mediated environments | SELECT PROJECTS | * Seeing Sound Created in collaboration with Karla Calderon, Matt Ganucheau, Chika Iijima and Nicholas Rubin, Seeing Sound is a three part interactive exhibition that demonstrates the physical properties of sound waves. Exhibited at the New York Hall of Science, the installation showcases …

  • Animation

    Sharing the art of story through light, sound and shadow | SELECT PROJECTS | Doggycorps NYC, the Short! from DoggyCorps on Vimeo. * DoggyCorps (flash)  * Some Sticks & Stones from Jenine Durland on Vimeo. Some Sticks & Stones (stop-motion) * Doorknob – an interactive exhibit from Jenine Durland on Vimeo. Doorknob (AE, MaxMSP)